Terms and Conditions

  • 1 Definitions

This section defines terms employed in the body of the following conditions:


The integrity of the features made available by the "babysitting.lu" project.


The public website http://www.babysitting.lu including all of its technical functionalities constitute the "babysitting.lu" platform.


All users registered on this platform under the profile of  "babysitter".


All users registered on this platform under the profile of  "parent" as well as every person taking advantage of the functionalities of the babysitting.lu service. This includes the use of the respective hotlines.


Every person taking advantage of any aspect of the "babysitting.lu" service.


The "babysitting.lu" service is being operated by:

11, rue du Fort Bourbon
L-1249 Luxembourg


Service National de la Jeunesse
138, bd. de la Pétrusse
L-2330 Luxembourg


Any organisation responsible for assuring the service on a communal level.


  • 2 Agreement

You may only take advantage of the service after you have read and agreed to the present terms and conditions. In case this agreement is violated, the operator may take all means necessary to prevent the abusive user from accessing and using the service without warning. If necessary, the operator may take legal action to enforce these steps.

  • 3 Reponsibility

The operator does not guarantee the uninterrupted availability and constant functionality of the service and is allowed to cancel it at any point in time.

The operator and the partners may not be held responsible for any potential damage caused - directly or indirectly - through the service.

Furthermore, Babysitting.lu solely compiles and puts at the disposal of its users a list of babysitters available in their respective communes. The operator and the partners do not guarantee and cannot be held responsible for any inconveniences in relation to the procedure of a babysitting session. The operator and the partners do not guarantee the control of good repute of the the people who register on the website.

  • 4 Data protection

According to the law on the protection of personal data from August 2nd 2002,  the user of the service is hereby informed that all data voluntarily made available by the user may be used to assure the operation of the service. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the user confirms that the following data - provided all of it has been provided - may be publicly displayed on the platform:

  1. First name
  2. Place of residence
  3. Age
  4. Spoken languages
  5. The (geographical and temporal) availability
  6. Certificates
  7. A profile photo

Supplying information described by points 4 though 7 is optional.

  • 5 Service for parents


The indicated rates figure as a guideline. Parents and babysitter should mutually fix an hourly rate for the babysitting session.

Transport of the babysitters

The parents commit themselves to pick the babysitter up at his place of residence and drive her or him back after the babysitting. Exceptions are valid if agreed upon by both the parents and the babysitters and only if this does not have an impact on the safety of the babysitter.


Following a babysitting session, the parents engage to fully and immediately pay the babysitter in cash. The EURO is to be considered the only valid currency.

Maximum duration

Each and every babysitting session may at most take 8 consecutive hours in between 7.00 am and 2.00 am. Any mutually agreed on overnight stay constitutes an interruption of this time span.

 Babysitter safety

The operator and his partners reserve themselves the right to monitor any communication between parents and babysitters if they suspect an abuse of the platform.

  • 6 Service for babysitters

Conditions (Age)

In order to be allowed to offer one's services as a babysitter, a person needs to be between 15-30 years old of age and be in possession of a babysitting certificate.


The indicated rates figure as a guideline. Parents and babysitter should mutually fix an hourly rate for the babysitting session.

Timeliness and correctness of data

Babysitters and parents are held to keeping their data on the platform timely and correct at all times.

Quality assurance

In order to guarantee a consistent level of quality, the operator reserves itself the right to contact any parents, who have previously taken advantage of the service, for feedback.


The babysitter agrees to his profile photo being made available to all registered and validated users of the platform, provided such a photo has been supplied.